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Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Marion, AR

Experiencing electrical malfunctions? Looking to run a diagnostic test? Trust Extreme Diesel & Repair in Marion, Arkansas. Our expertise ensures your trucks remain in top-notch condition, offering reliable services for all your diagnostics and electrical repair needs.

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What Does a Diagnostic Test Entail?

A truck diagnostic test comprehensively assesses the vehicle's electronic control modules (ECMs) and sensors. Our cutting-edge diagnostic tools delve into the truck's systems, identifying issues related to engine performance, emissions, and overall functionality. 

Common Electrical Issues in Trucks

Trucks often encounter common electrical issues, ranging from faulty wiring to malfunctioning components. These issues can manifest as engine starting problems, erratic instrument panel behavior, or flickering lights. Our technicians swiftly diagnose and resolve electrical issues, ensuring your heavy-duty trucks operate seamlessly and reliably.

Diagnostics and Electrical Repairs

ECM Reprogramming: Electronic Control Module (ECM) reprogramming is crucial for optimizing engine performance and addressing software-related issues. Our technicians use advanced tools to reprogram ECMs, ensuring your heavy-duty trucks adhere to the latest performance standards and emissions regulations.

Wiring Harness Replacement: Faulty wiring harnesses can lead to electrical malfunctions, affecting various components in the truck. Our experts conduct thorough inspections to identify damaged or corroded wiring, replacing the harnesses with precision. 

Battery System Diagnostics: Our diagnostics assess battery health and charging system efficiency, as well as identify potential issues. Whether it's replacing a worn-out battery or addressing charging system problems, we ensure your heavy-duty trucks start reliably and consistently.

Alternator Replacement: Our technicians diagnose alternator issues, including worn-out brushes or faulty voltage regulators. If needed, we perform precise alternator replacements, ensuring your heavy-duty trucks maintain a consistent power supply for all electrical components.

Areas We Serve

In addition to Marion, Extreme Diesel & Repair offers repairs and services to a 100-mile radius of the shop, including the surrounding areas in Arkansas: West Memphis, Jonesboro, Forrest City, Blytheville, Paragould, and more. For those located in these areas, we offer 24/7 services for towing, mobile truck repair, and roadside assistance. 

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For diagnostics and electrical repair services for heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty trucks, reach out to Extreme Diesel & Repair. Our technicians are ready to address all your electrical system needs to keep your fleet running smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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