Trailer Repair Services in Marion, AR

Trailers play a vital role in your operations. That's why our repair shop specializes in comprehensive trailer repairs, ensuring your fleet stays on the road and performs optimally. We offer professional solutions to address a range of trailer issues, supporting the efficiency and safety of your transportation.

Diesel mechanic performing trailer repair services in Marion, Arkansas

Common Signs of Trailer Issues

Recognizing signs of trailer issues is crucial for preventing disruptions and maintaining safety. If you notice irregular tire wear, unusual noises during braking, or erratic trailer movements, it's time to seek professional assistance. We can swiftly diagnose these common problems, providing effective solutions to keep your trailers in top-notch condition.

Trailer Repairs and Services

Brake System Overhaul: Our technicians perform comprehensive brake system repairs, ensuring your trailers can stop safely and efficiently.

Suspension System Maintenance: We address issues such as sagging or misaligned suspensions, optimizing your trailer's suspension system for stability and smooth rides.

Lighting and Electrical Repairs: From malfunctioning brake lights to electrical wiring problems, we offer precise repairs to keep your trailer visible and compliant on the road.

Floor and Roof Repairs: Structural integrity is crucial for trailers. We provide repairs for damaged floors and roofs, preserving the integrity of your cargo space.

Landing Gear Adjustments: Our expertise extends to landing gear adjustments, ensuring proper functionality and ease of use during loading and unloading.

Areas We Serve

In addition to Marion, Extreme Diesel & Repair offers repairs and services to a 100-mile radius of the shop, including the surrounding areas in Arkansas: West Memphis, Jonesboro, Forrest City, Blytheville, Paragould, and more. For those located in these areas, we offer 24/7 services for towing, mobile truck repair, and roadside assistance. 

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Ensure the reliability of your trailer with Extreme Diesel & Repair. If you're experiencing issues or need routine maintenance, our team is ready to assist. Contact us today for professional trailer repairs and services that keep your business rolling smoothly.

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