Heavy Equipment Repair Services in Marion, AR

Elevate the performance and longevity of your heavy-duty machinery. We specialize in comprehensive heavy equipment repairs and services. Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier solutions to keep your heavy equipment running smoothly.

Diesel mechanic performing heavy equipment repair services in Marion, AR

Common Issues with Heavy Equipment

Owning heavy equipment brings productivity but also potential challenges. From hydraulic system malfunctions to engine issues and electrical glitches, heavy equipment demands specialized attention. At Extreme Diesel & Repair, we understand the intricacies of these powerful machines, offering tailored solutions to address common problems.

Caterpillar Equipment Specialist

As Caterpillar equipment specialists, our team excels in delivering precision repairs for various CAT machines. From bulldozers to excavators and loaders, we have the expertise to tackle common CAT equipment issues such as hydraulic system failures, engine troubles, and undercarriage wear. Trust us to keep your CAT equipment in optimal working condition, ensuring reliability on the job site. 

To learn more about our CAT repairs and services, click here!

Heavy Equipment Repairs and Services

Hydraulic System Overhauls: Our technicians provide comprehensive hydraulic system repairs, addressing leaks and malfunctions, ensuring peak performance.

Engine Diagnostics and Repairs: From routine maintenance to complex engine repairs, we handle all aspects to keep your heavy equipment engines operating efficiently.

Electrical System Troubleshooting: Specialized in diagnosing and resolving electrical issues, we ensure your heavy equipment's electrical systems are functioning seamlessly.

Undercarriage Maintenance: Enhance the lifespan of your heavy equipment with undercarriage repairs, preventing wear and tear and ensuring stability on the job site.

Transmission Services: Our expertise extends to transmission repairs and maintenance, promoting smooth operation and minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Areas We Serve

In addition to Marion, Extreme Diesel & Repair offers repairs and services to a 100-mile radius of the shop, including the surrounding areas in Arkansas: West Memphis, Jonesboro, Forrest City, Blytheville, Paragould, and more. For those located in these areas, we offer 24/7 services for towing, mobile truck repair, and roadside assistance. 

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Ready to optimize your heavy equipment's performance? Contact Extreme Diesel & Repair for top-notch heavy equipment repairs and services. Reach out today and experience the difference of professional heavy equipment care!

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