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Truck Driveline Repair Services in Marion, AR

Unleash the full power of your heavy-duty trucks with Extreme Diesel & Repair's specialized driveline repair services. Our technicians are dedicated to ensuring your fleet's driveline operates at peak performance, offering reliable solutions to keep your trucks rolling smoothly.

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Most Common Driveline Problems

Driveline issues can stem from worn universal joints, imbalanced driveshafts, or misaligned components. These problems often manifest as vibrations, clunking sounds, or difficulty shifting gears. We swiftly diagnose and address these common driveline problems, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing wear on essential components.

How Often Should I Service My Truck's Driveline?

Manufacturers recommend servicing the driveline every 50,000 to 60,000 miles or as indicated by your truck's specific maintenance schedule. Routine inspections and preventive measures, such as lubrication and component checks, can significantly enhance driveline longevity.

Driveline Repairs and Services

Universal Joint Replacement: Our technicians meticulously inspect and replace damaged universal joints, ensuring smooth power transmission between the transmission and axles. This preventive measure prevents driveline failure and enhances overall truck performance.

Driveshaft Balancing: Imbalanced driveshafts can cause vibrations, affecting the comfort and efficiency of your heavy-duty trucks. Our balancing services pinpoint weight discrepancies and correct imbalances, promoting a smoother operation.

Differential Overhaul: Over time, differential components may wear, leading to reduced performance and potential driveline failures. Our differential overhaul includes inspection, component replacement, and precise reassembly.

Axle Realignment: Our state-of-the-art equipment enables precise axle realignment, enhancing driveline efficiency and extending the lifespan of tires and other driveline components. For more information on our axle repairs and services, click here!

Areas We Serve

In addition to Marion, Extreme Diesel & Repair offers repairs and services to a 100-mile radius of the shop, including the surrounding areas in Arkansas: West Memphis, Jonesboro, Forrest City, Blytheville, Paragould, and more. For those located in these areas, we offer 24/7 services for towing, mobile truck repair, and roadside assistance. 

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Looking for driveline repairs. Contact Extreme Diesel & Repair in Marion, AR. Our technicians are ready to address all your driveline needs, offering top-tier solutions to keep your fleet running seamlessly. Don't compromise on driveline performance – reach out to us today for expert repairs.

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